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iA Financial Group offers a donation of$125,000



18 December 2017 11:30

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The project The Diploma before the Medal rayon, initiated by the organization of Québec The Diploma before the Medal, won one of the three gifts of $ 125,000 offered by iA financial Group at the end of a contest philanthropic pan-canadian launched in June to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the company.

The goal of the contest was to finance the project of a registered canadian charity. The Diploma before the Medal has managed to stand out among the 125 applications received by iA. The organization is the only of its area which is attempting to promote perseverance and academic success of students at risk of dropping-in using sport as a lever of intervention.

25 students will join the program

The assistance provided by iA will allow 25 secondary school students in Joseph‑François‑Perrault of Quebec to join the program The Diploma until the Medal shines. Within three years, the agency intends to continue its expansion and support to 135 young people.

«We have been affected by the 125 projects that we have been subjected and by the strong participation of the general public. This is why we have without hesitation decided to offer not one, but three large donations of $ 125,000. I want to once again thank all the organizations that have taken the time to make inspiring projects and offer my congratulations to The Diploma before the Medal, » says mr. Yvon Charest, president and chief executive officer of iA.

The body Bullying Ends Here, in Calgary, and the program Beautiful and comfortable in her skin, of Mississauga, also won 125 000 $ each to carry out the project submitted.

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