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IDC Worldsource becomes a privileged member of the CDPSF


Mathieu Carbasse


Alain Thériault

11 August 2017 11:30

Mario Gregory and Ron Madzia

The Council of professionals in financial services (CDPSF) has announced the conclusion of an agreement according to which IDC Worldsource Insurance Network Inc. (IDCWIN) became a privileged member corporate CDPSF.

The accession of one of the most important agents managers of life insurance of Canada, which has offices across the country, comes as well as extending and diversifying the offer of training of the CDPSF for all professionals in financial services in Canada.

«This partnership has once again solidify and confirm the importance of our mission for all players in the industry, welcomes Mario Gregory, president and chief executive officer of the CDPSF. We are very excited to partner with IDCWIN in the framework of the deployment of our ambitious programme of training, both online and live via our platform the Council Direct.»

Launch of new training courses accredited

The partnership established between the CDPSF and IDCWIN is reflected in the launch of new training courses accredited live and online, that will enrich the existing offer proposed by the CDPSF via its platform to the Council Direct.

«I am pleased to announce that all of our financial security advisors and our financial planners across Canada, will have a direct access to the online courses that we are already in the process of working with the CDPSF, stresses Ron Madzia, president of IDCWIN. Training and education are at the heart of our organization. If, in addition, we are able to significantly reduce the bill of rules for the whole of our network and in greater extent for the whole of the industry, we are proud to contribute actively to the work of CDPSF that go in this direction. «.

«We are involved in associations.»

In an interview to the Journal of insurance, during a training course in English conducted by IDC in Montreal on 5 July, its chairman, Ron Madzia, stated that all advisers should join an association, whatever it may be. «My advisors will become members of the CDPSF. As a general agent, I believe that we should be involved in associations dedicated to advisors. Being a financial advisor is a solitary. It is not only to adhere to the training and expertise, but also to socialize, » he insisted.

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