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«Ignorance is not a valid defence «, said the CRTC


Hubert Roy

8 August 2017 07:00

Steven Harroun

Steven Harroun, chief of compliance and investigations at Council of radio-television and telecommunications commission (CRTC) under the canadian anti-spam is not a novelty. Ignorance is therefore not a valid defence.

Mr. Harroun made the remarks during a keynote address on June 6, in Toronto, in front of the Credit Association of Greater Toronto. He compared everything to make a U-turn in (half turn) on the highway. «If I tell the police officer that I intercepts that I did not know that it was prohibited, he will give me a ticket. «

And Mr. Harroun ensures that it will happen the same thing to the companies that would constitute a violation of the provisions of the Act, canadian anti-spam legislation. «There will be consequences, he said. In the best case, it could be subject to administrative monetary penalties or the obligation to implement a compliance program. At worst, your company will be placed in a position of disgrace that will be his personal public relations busy for a long time. «

In his remarks, Mr. Harroun has also revealed that the CRTC had received 975 000 complaints since the entry into force of the act in July 2014. The reception of commercial e-mail is the main source of complaint, he also unveiled. These accounted for three-quarters of the incidents that are reported to the CRTC.

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