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Inflotrolix will inject$ 1 Million to develop its products


Hubert Roy

January 18, 2018 09:45

Of the shareholders ofInflotrolix, a company that sells systems to prevent damage caused by water, pump a million dollars to push the development of its products.

A large part of this sum will be invested in research and development, said its CEO Jean-Hugues LaBrèque in the Journal of the insurance. The company expects to improve its product Aqua-Protect, a backflow prevention device. Inflotrolix account and develop a new model, which will include a new detector for sewers.

Detection of gel, water and fire

The product Nowa 360, a detector of water leakage with alarm, will also be improved, in particular by the design of a new water detector and a new valve intelligent electronic. Inflotrolix also intends to improve the positioning of the product in insurance. It will consider how to integrate the artificial intelligence and the interaction with connected objects.

Thus, the company envisages that the New 360 can detect the gel and automatically actuate the thermostat, » says Mr. LaBrèque. Similarly, the detection of a water leak can cut off the power supply. The detection of flame will result in the closure of the electrical supply to the stove.

Investment in marketing

Monies will also be dedicated to the marketing of products Inflotrolix, particularly in marketing, but also by the hiring of two people for sales.

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