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Institutions must look beyond the mobile



24 July, 2017 09:45

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The satisfaction of customers with respect to the other channels that the mobile of financial institutions decreases, according to a survey conducted by the consulting firm J. D. Power.

In fact, more than half of clients (58 %) used four or more channels to conduct their banking. If the satisfaction towards the mobile is on the rise for several consecutive years, with a score index of 807 points, we cannot say the same for the other channels. The satisfaction towards the web sites of financial institutions is 1% lower, 10 % for branches, 11 % for online support, 13 % for call centers and 15 % for operations automated by phone.

The overall satisfaction with the financial institutions is also falling, with a score index from 763 points in 2016 to 759 in 2017.

The canadian banks are pioneers in the adoption of mobile

«The canadian banks are pioneers in the adoption of the mobile channel and in the development of mobile applications that are attractive to consumers, but success in the financial field demand a multichannel approach,» says Bob Neuhaus, consultant financial services at J. D. Power. The majority of the customers of the banks are what we call omnivores channels, meaning that they attend different points of contact with their bank. Banks should keep their attention on the foundation of the banking experience, while working to meet the growing demand for digital interactions. «

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