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Insurers are mobilizing for the disaster victims of the forest fires in British Columbia



13 July, 2017 11:30

While the forest fires in British Columbia are always a toll and that the state of emergency has been declared anywhere within the province of British Columbia, several insurers pay a donation to the canadian Red Cross to help those affected.

Donations of money and scholarships

The insurers, Great-West, and iA financial Group have offered a gift of $ 25,000 each to the fund Fires in British Columbia of the canadian Red Cross.

For its part, Sun Life has paid the same amount to his response Fund international, prepared by the insurer and administered by the canadian Red Cross. This fund was established in 2005 in partnership with the agency to assist during major natural disasters in Canada and elsewhere in the world.

Foresters promises to clients eligible for emergency financial aid in the form of a grant per household to meet immediate needs. The amount of the grants has not been specified.

Dispatch on-site teams

The Warranty itself provides a donation of $ 10,000, in addition to having put in place an emergency response team for the insured, and is working with its partners, disaster experts, in addition to sending its own experts on site.

«Our priority is to help policyholders who have had to be evacuated to find a safe place for their family and for themselves. The team claims settlement of The security is on high alert, ready to offer his help to british columbians who are affected by forest fires, » emphasizes Marilyn Horrick, national vice-president, Guarantee Gold.

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