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Internet sales : next target of providers of systems of management of law firms


Hubert Roy

5 February 2018 07:00

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Provide dealers with tools for the sale of insurance via the Internet : this is the mandate that is given to the leading suppliers of systems management firm.

A large part of their development is in this direction. It is especially in Applied Systems, which multiplies the initiatives of its kind. Stéphane Lacasse, vice-president of product management and pricing for Canada, points out that the computer system of the firm will be the ideal tool for the dealer to deliver proof of insurance to the client. It will also ensure that the whole process of buying on the Web. «Some brokers are reluctant to respond to these changes, while others grow strong. »

Philippe Joassin, vice-president, sales and business development, Applied Systems, said expect that his company is the first to offer an access multiassureurs with buying online. His system Epic will be the first place of this integration.

Ensure the retention of the customer

Stéphane Lacasse added : Applied evaluates how to offer brokers the sale of insurance by text message, given that this medium of communication generates good response rates. The computer system will keep the conversation with the customer, anticipates-t-it.

Applied evaluates also allow the the Internet sales of agents with a conversational, also known under their English name of chatbots. It then falls in the domain of robots and artificial intelligence. Applied studying how a robot could hold a conversation with the client and generate the right questions, which could lead to the award of a prize, or even make a sale. Or need, simply to assist.

«We’re not there yet, cautions, however, Mr. Lacasse. It is believed, however, that up to 99 % of the questions could be answered by a robot. «

In Technology Keal, when you talk about selling insurance via the Internet, we seek above all to find a way to ensure the retention of the customer. The client area plays a role in it, said Laurent Nadeau, vice-president of business development.

«It is necessary to take into account that it’s very expensive to get new customers. This is why the client area takes on its full meaning. The client sees everything in real time. It should happen quickly. There are more a ton of downloads to do. «

Software association supplier advisory council has also this concern about the client area. The company is piloting a module in which the consumer will be able to do the data entry for a claim, to its customer portal. Everything is accessible via smartphone, reveals its president and CEO David Larkin.

Mr. Larkin points out that the client can add photos, specify the reasons for the accident and the location will be determined automatically by geolocation. A copy is sent immediately to the broker. Association supplier advisory council is in discussions with the insurers to obtain the required permissions to connect to their systems.

The CEO of association supplier advisory council adds that his company is working to simplify all the modules of seizures. «We strive to find ways to reduce the time spent on tasks trivial to focus on things that generate revenue. «

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