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Internet sales : the machine is running at Desjardins


Denis Méthot

January 19, 2018 13:20

Alain Hade, Guy Cormier, Hubert Thibault and Yvan-Pierre Grimard | Photo : Denis Méthot

In the record of the sale of insurance products through the Internet, the Desjardins group sees the opportunity to simplify concepts in terms of insurance.

The co-op said that the representative certified in the framework of a transaction for insurance remains, it will not change. Its president Guy Cormier is based on the example of the people who buy the shares without going through a broker to illustrate that the thing would be possible in the insurance industry.

«We ask a lot of questions : is the person who can get an auto insurance via the Internet, and who pays a premium of $ 700 knows what she buys ? At Desjardins, the same person can go on our site, Disnat and place by itself 5 000 $, 10 000 $, 100 000 $, one million dollars ($M) of its assets for the purchase of shares. Nobody told him what to buy. We will ask questions to find out if he is able to choose his car insurance when you tolerate it to place $ 10,000 or$ 1 Million without necessarily talking with someone because it transacts directly from the Internet ? I believe that to ask the question is to answer it «.

Alain Hade | Photo : Denis Méthot

Running since December

Moreover, in Desjardins, the machine is already running. Since last December, has revealed Alain Hade, vice-president, experience members-clients, at Desjardins general insurance Group, customers have the hobby since buying a car insurance to 100 % via the Internet and already, people are clamoring to be able to do for home insurance.

«There has been an evolution which is clearly, he commented. It begins with the automobile insurance, it is the master’s property, and I announce to you all that the next step will be the renter’s insurance, the insurance of the co-owners and, possibly, the insurance owner-occupants «.

It does not restrict products

Mr. Hade had a last message to the attention of the minister Carlos J. Leitão and elected officials.

«15 years ago, we never thought to make a transaction 100 % online car. Today, if we wanted to restrict products in the framework of the bill, obviously, it still suffers in a few years. The pace of development of the technology, do not limit ourselves in a corset is too narrow. «

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