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Isabelle Hudon leaves an important legacy at Sun Life in Quebec, » said Robert Dumas


Hubert Roy

January 16, 2018 07:00

Isabelle Hudon

Robert Dumas, the main legacy left by Isabelle Hudon leaves Sun Life Financial is to have enabled the structure of a quebec insurer to gain in importance within the company.

Mr. Dumas has taken the estate of Hudon, at the head of québec, after she was promoted to national operations at Sun Life financial. Earlier this fall, she was appointed ambassador of Canada to Paris, by the government.

Mr. Dumas did not hide the fact that the people in the industry were skeptical when Ms. Hudon arrived at Sun Life. She even confessed to feeling this scepticism to his arrival, during an interview with the Newspaper of insurance in 2012.

«It was wrong know, said Mr. Dumas. It is necessary to take into account where Sun Life in Quebec to his arrival in 2010. Our reputation was not what it is today. We give back a lot to the community. It’s part of our DNA in Québec. «

Mr. Dumas is confident that a legacy will survive him. «The people who built the structure around it are still there. She was an incredible person given the lack of awareness we had. However, one must take nothing for granted. Consumers are smart. It is necessary to evolve at the same pace. «

Mr. Dumas also noted that the number of directors in Quebec at Sun Life has doubled since 2010. It went from 65 to 135. «More and more of our people in Quebec have a national responsibility. «

Other evidence of this influence : Sun Life opened its digital development center in the Mile-End. «Our ability to attract talent is also much improved. This was not obvious before. »

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