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Jacinthe St-Onge incorporated her practice and test his / her succession


Alain Thériault

30 July, 2017 07:00

Jacinthe St-Onge | Photo : Réjean Meloche

Jacinthe St-Onge has incorporated his firm under the name of Singl-Global. His firm is registered in insurance of persons, group insurance and financial planning.

Ms. St-Onge operates a representative group savings and markets exempted fromExcel Private Management. In addition, the advisor seems to have found his daughter’s future. Marina Longpré is a four-month internship with Scheduling-Overall, «to see if she likes the profession,» said Ms. St-Onge, in an interview to the Journal of the insurance. Things seem to be good parts since the young candidate has recently obtained her driver’s mutual funds.

Question of visibility

Ms. Longpré completed his degree in administration and international trade, and passed his examination in the insurance of people during the summer. He / she will then a few classes to complete to obtain the title of financial planner. «I want to then train for two or three years. I spent another five years in the career and, if it has the affinities and skills, the cabinet is in his best interest, » added Ms. St-Onge.

In Singl-Overall, Hyacinth St-Onge said to have found a name that matches what she does every day for years. «All the advisors today need to have a name that represents what they are doing. They are then more visible, for example on the Web and social networks. Jacinthe St-Onge financial services inc., you will find if you do not know already the person, » she explains.

Ms. St-Onge also wanted to give a name transferred to his company. «I wanted to have something for tomorrow, that shares my philosophy. This would not have been of identity is transfer to my daughter a firm that bears my name, » she said.

The name change does not change the reports that has already Jacinthe St-Onge for years with Group financial Horizons, a general agent with which it places its insurance business people. «I will pass simply by my firm incorporated, rather than by myself. «

Both active in investment funds and insurance, Ms. St-Onge does not hide that a firm of insurance incorporated gives a helping hand for tax purposes. In addition, it has a place of business in the building that houses many of the offices of Excel.

«Twenty advisors are housed. There are people of all Backgrounds and Excel in Private Management. We have access to all services and systems, including compliance tools. Location, fully renovated, makes it easier to receive customers. «

The consultant who also wears the title of financial planner has broad experience of management from a network of independent distribution, and in particular from Manulife. She was returned to the sale at the turn of the years 2000.

Ms. St-Onge has also been a guest speaker at the Conference of the insurance and investment, in 2015. She had testified how his strict monitoring had been brought to the spouse of a client now deceased to make a will which has saved the day for this family. The name Singl-Global has allowed him to express through an image of mark his passion to help his clients plan their financial security, she concluded.

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