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Job stress and employee retention are linked, says Morneau Shepell


Justine Montminy

30 January 2018 11:30

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A new research from the firm Morneau Shepell demonstrates that stress at work is the most important source of stress for canadian employees, just before the personal stress. The survey indicates that 40 % of employers and 34 % of employees have suffered from stress levels are extreme in the last six months.

«This is particularly alarming, because a professional stress increased poses a greater risk on the loyalty of its employees, in addition to the risk of absence and disability as we already know,» says Stephen Liptrap, president and chief executive officer of Morneau Shepell. The stress on personal and professional development increased by 3 %, he also indicated.

The work load and long hours involved

The research shows that several factors contribute to this growing trend. The workload and long hours, colleagues, and professional responsibilities. We also note that women are more likely to report higher levels of stress as professionals that men.

Across the country, Ontario is the province most likely to report high levels of stress, with a rate of 41 %, compared with 29 % for Quebec. The survey reveals that 20 % of managers and 18 % of employees who experience work-related stress high would be more likely to submit their resignation because of this situation.

The middle of traditional work in change

«It is clear that the middle of traditional work is changing, and canadian organizations need to start to make the mental well-being and engagement of employees a priority,» continued Mr. Liptrap.

Morneau Shepell has also assessed the correlation between the stress level and the productivity of organizations. The investigation raises that over the past two years, a quarter of employees and managers have used vacation days or sick to manage their stress. The less than 34 years are the ones who are most likely to do so.

Companies are struggling to manage mental health problems

Morneau Shepell, finds that the majority of the employees and managers have been struggling with a mental health problem or a sleep disorder. More than half of the participants of these two groups claim that they currently suffer, or that they have suffered in the past.

«Only 16% of employees feel that their organization is strong in the four main areas of support : resources in case of distress, support in case of family problems, development of coping skills and preventive measures,» stresses Paula Allen, vice-president of Research and analytics solutions at Morneau Shepell.

In Quebec, 67 % believe that employers should play a more active role to support employees in distress.

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