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Johanne Brosseau denounces the response of the AQPP


Andrea Lubeck

7 September 2017, 07:00

Johanne Brosseau

Johanne Brosseau, senior consultant in insurance medicine and president of Consulting ConsultMed, went out noticed on the social network LinkedIn against the position taken by The Association québécoise des pharmaciens propriétaires (AQPP) to the insurers.

Joined by the Journal of insurance, Ms. Brosseau suspect that the response on the part of the AQPP occurs while the cut-off date of 15 September 2017 approach. From this date, pharmacists will be required to disclose their professional fees on the receipt of the medication.

«For a long time, the group plans suffer from the fees charged by the pharmacists. To divert the attention to the fact that they try to go back to the minister of Health knew Quebec Gaétan Barrette on the extent which requires them to disclose their fees, they throw the blame on the insurance industry, accusing it of lacking in transparency «, laments Ms. Brosseau.

In fact, a study of the business management of health care plans, Express Scripts advance that the invoice price of generic drugs by pharmacists is, on average, 91 % more expensive in canada compared to the rest of Canada, she says.

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