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Kronos has deployed its gateways


Alain Thériault

28 June 2017 07:00

François Levasseur and Mark Lafreniere

Kronos Technologies was established in may a gateway with VieFONDS. By doing this, Kronos became connected with the leading providers of back-office systems for general agents and firms of mutual funds across Canada.

The CEO of Kronos, François Levasseur, was added to prepare a draft of the gateway with the system Wealthserv of Bluesun, at the time of closing this edition. Mr. Levasseur also recalls his gateway recently introduced with Virtgate, and the one he has, among others, with AGEman, for several months. He said he is more connected with the system of mutual funds Univeris, and insurance W. Insurance, a subsidiary of Winfund.

The partnership creates a bridge between the system back-office firms of funds that use VieFONDS, and the CRM system Kronos Finance, for advisors. This gateway allows them to share customer data with their firm. The gateway allows firms to mutual funds, products provided and term deposits, as well as the general agents in segregated funds, access to a Web-based solution canadian fully bilingual in which their customer data will be automatically updated, » says Mr. Levasseur.

It is estimated that this partnership is at the forefront of a positive trend in the industry. «Technology companies are increasingly working together to address the pressing needs and growing market, to help providers and advisers to better manage their business and their customers,» he said.

He praised the philosophy of the opening of his partner, which is to work with the software back-office and other in the exchange of data. «The connection between our two tools was done in a natural way,» said Mr. Levasseur.

Accessible from anywhere in the world

Mark Lafreniere, vice-president of business development for VieFONDS, explained this opening. «Our system back office is a system that offers versatility. It is a customized solution that works on all Internet browsers. Since it is totally on the Web, you can access it wherever you are in the world, » he insisted.

Growth mutual

Its growing presence in Québec contributes to the growth of VieFONDS. «Back side-window of life and health insurance, we already had since a year, a partnership with Solutions AGEman. We have had a growing demand of people for more access to tools for customer management, especially in Quebec, » revealed douglas. According to him, VieFONDS also has a combination of tools to help firms and advisors manage their business, across Canada.

Overall, Kronos is experiencing with its products, customer management, and needs analysis an annual growth of 40 %, and has earned more than 2 000 new users in 2016, revealed its CEO. «This brings to 10 000 the total number of our users,» added Mr. Levasseur.

With the help of Ray Adamson, the newly appointed head of relations with clients and the director of the office opened in Toronto, Kronos continued sustained growth outside of Quebec. «Toronto is a bigger market and 75 % of our new clients come from across Canada, with a good presence in Western canada. Counsellors need a good CRM. The analysis of the financial needs is not yet mandatory outside of Quebec, but it is coming. There is no equivalent solution to Kronos down there, » said Mr. Levasseur.

It plans to establish other gateways, that will expand the scope of the Kronos to new markets, including national accounts, in securities brokers and dealers, full-year affiliates to large banks.

Optimistic about the files CITS

To the release of the files, CITS, for Canadian Insurance Transaction Standards, it is optimistic. Kronos has two insurers with which it exchanges data in a format CITS. «We spend otherwise by the general agent to be able to generate data of a client portfolio to the adviser,» said Mr. Levasseur.

The advisors propel the growth of Kronos. «In 14 years, we have never seen as much adoption of our systems. Counsellors need to computerize because of the compliance, the arrival of the insurtechs and fintechs «, says Mr. Levasseur.

«A CRM system gives value to a customer,» he adds. It is a compliance tool useful in case of inspection. «The bridges, on which Kronos has been working for the past 10 years, add a huge value to the advisors, to centralize the information for them. According to M. Levasseur, a customer well computerized will be 20 % to 25 % more value.

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