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LMS Prolink chooses the GIS solution Keal



July 3, 2017 09:45

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The brokerage LMS Prolink has just recently announce a partnership with Keal, agreement which provides for the adoption of the platform GIS Keal to manage its activities and its future development. Based in Toronto, Prolink has 65 brokerage firms independent, bringing together more than 350 professionals.

«Our three main reasons for choosing Keal are their human capital, their creativity and their implementation of the service. The team of Keal is passionate and caring. They have dug in to understand our business model, strategic direction, digital strategy and integration plans for the future. And each resource Keal impressed us with his extensive knowledge «, underlined the head of operations of Prolink, Mark Davidson.

For his part, Stacey Miranda, manager, marketing strategy & solutions at Keal said take this partnership very seriously.» According to him, the innovation that meets the needs of the brokers is the main issue. «The real test is in how we partner with our brokers to achieve their goals, and it is an effort that requires a close collaboration of both sides. The team of Prolink offers a unique value and a vision to disrupt the market with its digital strategy. We are very proud to have been chosen to join their team highly committed to promoting this vision, » said Mr. Miranda.

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