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Manulife adds facial recognition feature to its mobile banking application



January 23, 2018 09:45

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The customers of the Bank Manulife iPhone users, X ofApple can now use the facial recognition (Face ID) to make their banking transactions on the mobile application of the bank. The application also uses the function of the touch recognition (Touch ID) for holders of iPhone have this function.

«The technology Front Apple ID offers immediate access and secure mobile banking, which makes it a convenient option when they travel,» says Manulife Bank in a communication sent to its sales force and in which the Journal of insurance has received a copy.

Manulife Bank argues that the function can be enabled or disabled at any time. The update of the app also allows customers to give nicknames to their accounts, request the addition or deletion of account holders to the holders of the mortgage loan, and renew a sub-Manulife One account or a mortgage, Manulife Bank Select, which is due to expire within 90 days.

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