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Manulife also renewed its partnership with Excellence Canada



17 July, 2017 09:45

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Manulife also renewed its partnership with Excellence Canada to further the promotion of good mental health in the workplace. The insurer has won in 2016 the title of Champion of the excellence of the mental Health program to the work of the organization.

«Convinced of the link between mental health, physical, emotional and financial, the renewal of this partnership is to be imposed for Manulife as a highlight. We want to help Canadians give the best of themselves and this is why, in collaboration with Excellence Canada, we have developed a comprehensive guide for companies of any size and any sector confused «, underlines the insurer in a press release.

Resources for employers and their employees

Manulife has put online several resources and free videos on a web site available to employers and their employees.

«We firmly believe that good mental health is essential to general well-being and productivity at work, we believe that the promotion of mental health in the workplace is essential both employers and employees,» says Manulife.

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