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Manulife dream to build robots-advisors in the United States


Andrea Lubeck

22 August, 2017 09:45

It is to reach more households than John Hancock considers the introduction of a new distribution channel of tips digital. Thus, during a call with analysts on the second quarter results, Mike Doughty, interim CEO of John Hancock, and Roy Gori, president of Manulife Financial, were «optimistic» about the implementation of robotics-advisors within the american division of the insurer.

«There are a large number of american families who do not receive the advice they need. These families have simply never had access to. We see the tips digital as a way to improve the financial situation of these people effectively «, stressed Mike Doughty.

Meeting face-to-face

To the question of an analyst to know if this new avenue would cause a potential «cannibalism» among the channel’s more traditional, is that of human advisors, MESSRS. Doughty and Gori argue that it is not. The intention of John Hancock is to use the numerical solution as a lever to bring the customers to a face to face meeting.

«People make the mistake of thinking that the decision is binary between the robots-advisers, and the face-to-face. The reality is that consumers do not believe the world in this way. At certain times, they want to be connected to a counselor and have a discussion face-to-face with him. At other times, they want to make their operations remotely using digital tools. We believe that we need to cover the entire spectrum of distribution, » said Mr. Gori.

Enlarge the pie

Mr. Gori has also mentioned that there is a good part of the population that they are not able to join, both in the segments of the wealth management and insurance, and the implantation of the robots-advisers will not » enlarge the pie «. It will join the families that advisers do not merge currently.

Manulife said to that it was too early to give any indications regarding the launch of future of this initiative in Canada. «We understand the vital importance of a channel of advice box, and we continue to assess the need for constant change of customers in order to ensure that the channel is performing well and that it fills these needs in a continuous manner «, stressed Steven La Barbera, a consultant in media relations for Manulife.

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