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Manulife reviews the pricing of its insurance products universal life


Mathieu Carbasse

1 September 2017, 13:30

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Manulife ‘s going to change the pricing of its life insurance products, universal CDA uniform as of 23 September. These changes will affect the contracts Manulife Uniform however, in view of Manulife Uniform PCC, InnoVision – CDA uniform up to 100 years and SEEN security.

The largest increases will apply to the younger ages at the time of subscription. The new rates will apply to new contracts and new coverages on the date of 23 September 2017, or a later date as the date of contract or coverage.

Up to 50 % increase for certain contracts

Concerning the blankets, Uniform for up to 100 years, the rate of the cost of insurance (coi) will increase from 0% to 15% for all contracts having regard to Manulife Uniform Gold and PCC. For what is SEEN Manulife Uniform CPC, the rates of the CB uniform will increase from 0% to 25% in the case of individual contracts, and from 0 to 50 % for contracts joint last to die.

The rate of the CDA uniform the Uniform option up to 100 years will increase from 0% to 15% for all contracts InnoVision and SEEN security.

Impact on contracts InnoVision

These changes will also have an impact on contracts InnoVision (when the coverage of the TR1 original bears the date of 14 may 2011 or a later date) and Manulife TR1 PCC for which the company wishes to make a change in the type of cost in order to spend a TR1 at a uniform cost on the 23rd of September 2017 or after this date. The rate of the cost of the standard insurance applicable will be the new rate.

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