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Nathalie Bertrand and Mathieu Campion leave the network, SFL


Alain Thériault

April 20, 2018 13:30

Nathalie Bertrand and Mathieu Campion

Respectively the former owner and the associate director of the Center SFL du Vieux-Montréal, Nathalie Bertrand and her husband Matthew Campion left the network SFL. In an interview with the Journal of insurance, Ms. Bertrand and Mr. Campion were revealed to be currently finalizing an agreement with a distribution network is important. If all goes well, it should be finalized shortly, they say.

In 2016, Ms. Bertrand had acquired 100 % of the units (d’Alain Parent in the Centre SFL of Old Montreal (and whose firm name was previously Financial, Strategy and Impact). In the wake of the reorganization of the network of SFL and Desjardins Financial Security Independent Network (DFSIN), this centre is found together with the centres in Westmount and Montreal-Metro, under the guidance ofAlain Descheneaux, director-owner and chairman of the financial Centre in Westmount.

Mr. Descheneaux has redeemed the shares from Mrs Bertrand on January 1, 2018. «We could stay, but we chose to leave,» said Ms. Bertrand. Mr Campion added that it is a wise decision.

Power centres and middle-class

To motivate their departure, the two partners have explained that the direction of the network, SFL has changed shortly after their arrival. The new management has proposed to the directors of the centre a new business model, » said Ms. Bertrand. The two partners no longer found in this model, now focused on the retail power centres.

«There will be mergers, amalgamations, partnerships. This model of mégabureaux will decrease the number of centres in Quebec, while we believe very much to our close relationship with our advisors. We believe we can support them with a personalized coaching, » says Nathalie Bertrand.

In addition, it observes that the network SFL has decided to head towards the niche market of high net worth clients. «All the networks combined, the industry in general is moving away from a lot of the middle class. We believe in the niche of the middle class. The brokers must be experts of the middle class. When there will be transfers of wealth, it is they who will inherit it in most cases. If the consultants have a complete offer of services, they will be able to grow with their customers «, says Ms. Bertrand.

In tune with the overall approach

Nathalie Bertrand and Mathieu Campion pointed out, however, not be at odds with the part of the model which advocates a global offer of products and services. «You have to be able to offer all the services in a specialized approach, such as in a general approach,» they say.

Matthew Campion insists that it is this model of a comprehensive approach that focuses on the middle class that the two leaders had begun to put in place at the Centre SFL in Old Montreal. They were immediately all of their respective advisors, partners or not.

«We provide support and marketing ideas, he adds. In a model of wealth management, it is necessary to have a holistic approach. The advisor is like the family doctor that can detect all the problems and you headed to the specialist, as needed. We did not have divergence with the model of SFL at this level ; there are not many networks that have not already adopted it. «

A center performance

Nathalie Bertrand and Mathieu Campion added that this model has enabled the Centre SFL du Vieux-Montréal know a lot of success. «We have achieved sales results exceptional, in just two years,» insists Mr. Campion.

Under the direction of the couple, the Centre SFL du Vieux-Montreal has won in 2016 and 2017 as the new financial centre of the year. In 2017, he finished in fifth place in terms of insurance premiums sold, despite the fact that we were one of the smaller centres in Canada, » said Mr. Campion. These rankings relate to the whole network in Canada, which includes DFSIN.

A few regrets

The two partners say leave the organization on good terms. Nathalie Bertrand, expressed regret for not having been able to thank the advisors of the Centre SFL du Vieux-Montreal before you leave, and have not been able to put their offer of services in place completely, due to lack of time.

«We would have liked to bring our business plan forward, but we understand that there is a reorganization. We left on good terms and without bitterness, rather than let the relationship degenerate, when you see that the two parts do not go in the same direction. We spent very good times in SFL and we would like to thank the team that trusted us during these two years, » confided Mrs. Bertrand and Mr. Campion.

Westmount : division of Montreal

Owner of the Centre SFL Westmount, Alain Descheneaux has also grouped the Centre SFL Montreal-Metro in addition to the Old Montreal. In an interview with the Journal of insurance, he said understand the decision of Nathalie Bertrand and Matthew Campion.

Now, the financial centres in SFL Westmount, Montreal-Metro, and Old Montreal are more than one : a firm of elite, a leader in wealth management, a business model a winner for all advisors, he stated. Mr. Descheneaux has been added to serve the whole territory of the island of Montreal, with a team of 110 advisors associated.

The offices of the Old-Montreal disappear

Alain Descheneaux has revealed that SFL will not maintain the facilities of the Old-Montreal, since most of the counselors had a storefront elsewhere. «Almost all the staff and councillors have been repatriated to Westmount. In contrast, the Montreal Metro, located at the corner of Beaubien and Langelier in the east of the Island of Montreal, remains open, » he said.

Alain Descheneaux emphasized that the Center SFL of Old Montreal was considered as a new centre under development, with advisors to high potential. «We bring a team more complete, with a service plan focused on financial planning,» added Mr. Descheneaux.

The service offering to advisers on the Island of Montreal is as follows :

  • 3 Offices to serve customers
  • 10 Managers to support the advisors
  • 11 resource Persons to process transactions, and reply to calls
  • Financial planning services developed for the affluent/high net worth and business people
  • Specialists to handle cases of insurance more complex
  • Website and intranet advisor contains a wealth of information
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Training program with monthly business development
  • Partnership with external specialists (Stratégist, Scripta Legal, Notary Direct, RCGT, Planiprêt)

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