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National bank eliminates the cost of transaction for exchange-traded funds in the United States



31 August, 2017 09:45

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The clients of National Bank direct Brokerage (BNCD), a subsidiary of the National Bank of Canada, will now be able to buy and sell online all exchange-traded funds (ETFS) in the United States, without any transaction fees. A year after introducing the ETF listed in Canada, commission-free, BNCD has just extended positioning this tariff to the ETFS listed in the United States and responds to the interest of investors for this type of product.

«With this positioning single tariff, BNCD brings another major change to the universe of online brokers, and continues to make stand-alone investment even more accessible, says Laurent Blanchard, president of National Bank direct Brokerage. It is a great pride for our team to remain at the forefront. «

A minimum of 100 units exchanged

No restriction related to the size of the account and the number of transactions shall apply, to the extent that a minimum of 100 units are exchanged. This new positioning tariff is intended to provide access for all investors, without regard to the size of their portfolio to a broad market ETFS that are traded in stock market by replicating the performance of an index, a product or a set of assets.

«To the advantage of all investor profiles»

«More than ever, we want to innovate to meet the needs of self-directed investors. It is our top priority and today’s announcement proves it in practice, » says Dr. Blanchard. The savings on transaction costs will allow our customers to maximize the amounts available for investment and thus grow their wealth. This change will be to the advantage of all investor profiles. «

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