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Nearly half of all Americans who are willing to share their data with insurers



29 January, 2018 13:30

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Nearly half of u.s. consumers (45 %) would consider sharing the information of their house, collected using a system of connected house with their insurer, reveals a survey conducted by the firm , The Insurance Research Council. However, 25 % of respondents would refuse to do so.

Systems connected home allow, with the aid of several sensors and mechanisms, lock or unlock the doors and windows to monitor specific conditions, activities or events in the residence. The study points out that several insurers are experimenting with these systems to enable owners and tenants to better manage the risks of their residence and to offer more services to their customers.

Protection of the private life

Among the dissidents, 48 % cite a desire to protect their privacy, while 22 % explained that it is because they would not be able to control how the information gathered would be used.

«The survey data shows that many owners and tenants would be willing to participate in a program sponsored by an insurer involving the systems of the connected home,» stresses Elizabeth Sprinkel, senior vice-president of the Insurance Research Council. The report also offers more information on what insurers could do to encourage a greater participation in the future. «

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