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New low-speed vehicles on Quebec’s roads



20 July, 2017 11:30

Photo : Unsplash | Colin Abbey

New low-speed vehicles circulating on the roads of Quebec, announced by the government of Quebec following the adoption of the Regulation on low-speed vehicles. These new vehicles will be fully electric, travel at a maximum speed of between 32 and 40 km/h, to be registered and can access to public roads where the speed limit is a maximum of 50 km/h.

Up to now, the low-speed vehicles could circulate in a closed setting or on private roads. The minister of Transport, sustainable Mobility and the Electrification of transport, Laurent Lessard, has adopted a regulation aimed at raising the level of safety standards set out in the Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec, and aims, in particular, the braking ability, the driver’s visibility, and the perceptible to the vehicle, as well as the protection of passengers in case of impact

«If the safety of road users is a priority, the interest shown by manufacturers and importers of québec to invest in the low-speed vehicle has also prompted the government to consider these vehicles in its action Plan, electrification of transport 2015-2020,» said Mr. Lessard.

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