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Newsletter : the cornerstone of your communication strategy



26 June 2017 07:00

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Communication tool amazing because it allows us to maintain a direct link with our subscribers, the e-mail is the tool that offers the most direct contact and more personal. You have permission to communicate directly with someone is a chance of a lifetime ! Here are 3 tips to maximize :

1) the subject of The message

You send a newsletter with the aim of creating a personal connection with your subscribers. Pay attention to the name that appears as a recipient in their inbox. For example : Joe Tremblay — object will have more success that : client Info – object. Linger as to the objects of your emails. A title can make all the difference to the success of a newsletter. Try different versions and make the necessary changes.

2) The segmentation of the groups and the customization

It is often said that » the money is in the list «. To release the maximum potential of your list, divide it into different groups according to criteria such as age, lifestyle, occupation or other. We are talking here about segmentation and this allows you to customize your shipments, and better target your audience.

It is also important to use a email software that allows you to customize your messages to each subscriber by adding first name, last name and salutation of the shipment. A personalized email is read on average two times more than a generic email.

(3) The frequency

Whether you choose a publication schedule semi-annual, monthly or weekly, it is imperative to respect it. If you advertise the publication of a monthly newsletter and that you miss your » duty «, you cause more harm to your credibility than if you had made no submission at all. It is better less to promise than to disappoint your followers by not respecting your commitments.

If the images cannot be downloaded ?

By default, most email providers block images in messages, because they are the main source of infection and spread. About half of people who receive an e-mail without an image deletes it without reading it. What should you do in your newsletters to work around this problem ?

Replacement text

The most commonly used method is to insert a text describing the image. The text appears in the absence of the image, and the reader therefore knows what he was supposed to see originally.

Allowed senders

You can also include in your first shipment the steps to follow to ensure your subscriber adds you to its list of senders that are recognized as » safe «. You will thus, in addition to the safety rules of his inbox and your images will be uploaded.

Share Text/Image

Graphic designers will tell you that the best insurance against a lack of image in an e-mail is always to keep the proportion of text and image in a ratio of 50/50. In this way, even without a picture, your email will be balanced and will keep the bulk of its design.

In last place, regardless of the customization and design of your emails, make sure you always comply with the provisions of the anti-spam law !

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