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Nick Pszeniczny will become Group president, financial Horizons in July


Hubert Roy

April 24, 2018 12:30

Nick Pszeniczny and John Hamilton

John Hamilton leaves his place at the head of Group financial Horizons. From 1 July, it will be replaced by Nick Pszeniczny.

Mr. Pszeniczny is well known in the industry as it directed all the activities of Great-West Lifeco in life insurance in Canada. He left this position to join the general agent, acquired by Great-West by 2017, says a notice of appointment obtained by the Journal de l’assurance.

Last year, Mr. Pszeniczny has overseen a vast restructuring of the activities of the insurer in Canada. It has also led to the end of the Key network of gold, and the establishment of the Networks division-Boards.

John Hamilton became senior advisor

John Hamilton will remain in position at Horizons title of founder and senior advisor. It will also continue to serve on the board of directors. It will work from the head office of the Horizons in Kitchener, Ontario. It will serve as a resource person for the senior management team of the GFH and will keep the cap on the mandate for growth and acquisition strategy active of the company.

«Over the past 35 years, Nick has gained an excellent understanding of the needs of advisers. He is the suitable candidate to mobilise and maximise the growth potential of our business over the next few years, » said John Hamilton.

Nick Pszeniczny has also returned the praise to his predecessor, particularly in regards to its leadeurship and its vision for the company. «John has founded Horizons in 1990, making it the first agency general management independent in Canada. Since then, the organization has evolved a lot. It now forms a network of 6 600 advisors working in 30 offices across the country. «

Independence Backgrounds

The organizational changes will not affect the board of directors and the governance structure of the Group financial Horizons, which will remain independent, said the general agent. «The current links between Horizons and its suppliers will continue to be an integral part of its growth,» highlighted the company.


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