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Optima global Health integrates a service of psycho-social support to insurance programs



June 22, 2017 09:45

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Optima global Health has just recently announced the launch of the Program Insurer benevolent, which aims the integration of a service of counselling to even offer life insurance, home/mortgage, and auto.

This new program complements the support offered to the insured during a traumatic event, so that the insurer can ensure his well-being overall, beyond its physical security.

The Program Insurer benevolent can be customized to the colors of the insurer. In its form, it was inspired by an employee assistance program, but restricts the grounds of consultation to those directly related to the insurance in question, so as to maintain an annual cost per insured person is very low.

Coverage of numerous reasons for consultation

The Program Insurer benevolent covers many patterns of consultation. In life insurance for example, it includes the accompaniment of bereaved families, the support at the announcement of an incurable disease, the preparation of the death of a loved one, or the answer to questions of financial or tax.

In home insurance/mortgage, it provides a psychological help following a robbery, a home invasion, a fire, a flood, or any other traumatic event that can have serious repercussions on the person.

Finally, in motor insurance, the Program Insurer, benevolent provides a psychological support for the victims of a road accident, theft, vandalism, assault linked to road rage or a situation that caused intense fear.

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