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Order honourable of the goose blue wants to make themselves better known



February 26, 2018 09:45

The board of directors of the étang du Québec of the Order honourable of the goose blue : top Row : Diane Loyer, Marc Thurber, Benoit Campeau, Jacques Cuierrier, Francis Radino. Bottom row : Marie-Pierre Bossé, Louis Pearson, Sylvie Love, Réal Emery.

The pond du Québec of theOrder of honourable the oie’s blue has just completed a restructuring to modernize its image and recruit new members.

The Journal of insurance met with Guy Charron, who has been involved for many years in this organization, which brings together professionals in the insurance and who is financially supporting a charity that does not receive any subsidy.

35 000 $ in donations

The agency shall annually pay annually 35 000 $ to various works. This are 31 organizations that have received financial assistance during the past year The Order honourable of the goose blue, is positioned over the years as the source of charity of the insurance industry.

The body is fitted with a new website and designed a page on Facebook to make themselves better known in the industry. The College currently has 200 members in Quebec. He joined a large number of people through its activities, including its oyster supper, the evening of lobster and its golf tournament, which, according to the event, can collect from 500 to 700 people.


«We are evolving,» said Mr. Charron. We have so many members in the area of the disaster. One wishes to go in search of brokers and insurers. «

Why this need to make it known, so that the pond du Québec was founded in 1914 ? Mr. Charron explained by the fact that the group of Quebec city has hosted the international convention of the organization in 2013. Hold this kind of event flagging, often the troops of a volunteer organization like his own. Its board of directors therefore wishes to remember the good memories of the industry.

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