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Pat Durepos became a shareholder of Hubio


Hubert Roy


Andrea Lubeck

20 December 2017 11:30

Pat Durepos | Photo : Réjean Meloche

Pat Durepos acquires a new technology company in the insurance industry. He put his hand, with partners, Hubio, a vendor working to provide integration solutions to insurers in damage insurance brokerage.

Mr. Durepos was already linked with this company, which formerly called iter 8. He had contributed to the development of the platform Intrinsync, released in 2013. Hubio markets yet, which facilitates the real-time communications between brokers, insurers and broker management systems (BMS).

Why the one who remains CEO of Technology Keal he decided to carry out this transaction ? «The considerable potential report solutions to the regulatory, which are related to Guidewire, combined with the connectivity solutions brokerage that have proven their worth, have encouraged me to invest in the purchase of the company,» says Mr. Durepos. The confidence that I have in the senior management and the team in general was extremely important to me. I am very glad to have the opportunity to work with this group of experts. «

Other shareholders

Mr. Durepos is not the sole shareholder of the company. Phil Henville, director of operations for Hubio, also becomes a shareholder. He held the position of president and CEO.

Hubio account and continue the development of integration solutions related to digital platforms insurtech ; connectivity solutions between insurers, brokers and data sources of third parties, as well as the management of data and reports to regulatory.

The transaction will be concluded by 31 December.

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