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Pink card e : association supplier advisory council first to incorporate in Canada


Hubert Roy

March 16, 2018 11:30

David Larkin | Photo : Réjean Meloche

Software association supplier advisory council is the first broker management system to integrate the card rose electronics (proof of insurance) between the client and a broker in his system, learned of the insurance Journal. It is the Centre for the study of the practice of insurance operations (CSIO), which oversees the deployment of this solution, under the program eDelivery » My proof of insurance «.

The regulatory authorities canadian do not yet have any authorized proof of insurance automobile electronics. However, the brokers clients of association supplier advisory council will be able to use as soon as these approvals have been obtained, said David Larkin, CEO of association supplier advisory council, the Journal of insurance.

«Streamlined workflow»

The CSIO has also confirmed the news to the Journal of the insurance. Catherine Smola, president of CSIO, welcomed the company to be the first to integrate this solution in these systems in Canada.

«This integration will provide brokers with a streamlined workflow and simplified for the submission of proof of auto insurance electronically to their clients, creating a digital service that is essential. «

Last year, Software association supplier advisory council had also been the first provider of broker management systems to provide access to the broker web service, CSIOnet.

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