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PlanPlus merges with FinaMetrica



August 8, 2017 11:30

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PlanPlus, a provider of financial planning software based in Toronto, and FinaMetrica, an australian company specialized in the tools of measurement of tolerance to financial risk, have recently announced the merger of the two entities. The transaction took effect on the 1st of August.

If the new company will now be the name of PlanPlus Global, the two brands will continue to offer products independently. PlanPlus and FinaMetrica worked in close collaboration for over a decade.

12 000 users in the world

«We believe we are the first provider to truly global solutions, professional advice for companies and individual schedulers,» says Shawn Brayman, founder and CEO of PlanPlus. Our products range from a profiler risk tolerance psychometric the most respected in the world to an advisor, robot based on the objectives for a financial planning complete, in several languages, with more than 12 000 users in dozens of countries «.

In the framework of the merger of the two entities, Mr. Brayman became the CEO of PlanPlus Global. Paul Resnik, co-founder of FinaMetrica, became director of the global markets. The other co-founder of FinaMetrica, Geoff Davey, left him the business after retiring from executive roles in 2015.

Present in more than 30 countries

«Our products complement each other and we share a common commitment to provide financial systems that give priority to the best interests of the customer,» says Mr. Resnik, FinaMetrica. The merger comes at just the right time for us to respond to market requirements for a consulting solution affordable, scalable and reliable which can be applied at the international level. «

All employees of PlanPlus and FinaMetrica will be retained in the new company, while Sydney, Australia, where FinaMetrica was based, has been added to the five cities in which PlanPlus is present. The company serves customers in more than 30 countries, including Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, India, Germany, South Africa and Malaysia.

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