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PPI and WealthBar launch a robot-adviser to the independent advisors



January 25, 2018 13:30

The business of marketing insurance solutions PPI and the robot-adviser WealthBar launch the digital platform MPI Jack, a robot-advisor for independent financial advisors, canadians.

The robot-adviser provides multiple investment options for that independent advisors can offer their clients, in addition to a variety of tools to support marketing. PPI asserts that the portfolios offered on the platform are low-cost, professionally managed and comply with the regulations. WealthBar provides support for monitoring and rebalancing accounts.

Reduce the administrative

«This new online platform is easy to use will help independent advisors to alleviate their administrative tasks and to spend more time to serve customers and grow their business, underlines Tea Nicola, ceo and co-founder of WealthBar. All advisors in the country can take advantage of the expertise of the portfolio managers listed and the guarantee of compliance with the regulations, without the need to have this expertise in-house. We take care of all of this, that the advisers are able to offer a value enhanced to their customers. «

«For customers, this means that they can take advantage of the management of heritage at a lower cost, while continuing to do business with their adviser,» says Ms. Nicola. After all, they have established a relationship with a person who already understands their financial situation and their needs. We do not replace this relationship. We will improve it ! «

A lot of enthusiasm

«During the pilot project giving early access to the platform, we found a lot of enthusiasm to the functions available, supports Jim Virtue, president and chief executive officer of Solutions PPI. We expect that this enthusiasm is spreading to other advisors who will discover what they have access in PPI Valet. «

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