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Prevention of water damage : Group Vigilance honors Courtika


Hubert Roy

16 March, 2018 09:45

Photo : Freepik

Group Vigilance has taken advantage of the Day of the insurance on Tuesday to acknowledge the contribution of Courtika Insurance for the prevention of water damage. Each year, Group Vigilance thus underlines the dedication of the employees of a brokerage firm that refer clients to the company to protect them against fire, intrusion and damage the water.

Group Vigilance takes account of several criteria for her award, including the number of referrals received, the number of installations performed in the reference and the number of protections against water damage are installed at their customers (cut-off of water).

The involvement makes the difference

Martin Brousseau and Richard St-Pierre, respectively president and director of development for the region of the South Shore, in Group Vigilance, point out that dealers have more at heart to this prevention. Several firms stood out in the course of the last year, they say. The involvement of brokers working in Courtika has made all the difference to replace this distinction, they say.

The firm will be able to put back a commemorative plaque.

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