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Promutuel launches its programme of telematics



September 7, 2017 09:45

Promutuel Insurance has just completed the launch of Appi, its new programme for telematics. Based on an application that is 100 % mobile, it allows its policyholders to obtain a pricing for automobile insurance based on their driving behaviors.

With this new program, Promutuel Insurance wants to differentiate itself by offering the best deals in the industry. Also, in addition to the welcome discount of up to $ 100 (depending on the premium), all new customers that join will be able to obtain, according to their good conduct, up to 30 % discount at their next renewal auto insurance.

«A lot of importance to the user experience»

«In the design of the mobile application, we have given a lot of importance to the user experience. Our goal is to help drivers to improve their driving by allowing easy access to a wealth of detailed data. Whether it’s speed, braking, acceleration, or distance travelled, the driver has everything in hand to improve…and save more! In addition, Appi does not require a cellular data service. Thus, we can offer it to a larger number of uninsured, » said Guy Lecours, head of operations.

Driving, braking and respect of the speed

Appi combines the scores of the three criteria for driving or braking gently, the respect of the speed and acceleration progressive. The application provides an estimate of the discount in real time, in dollars and as a percentage, which allows the client to improve his driving habits to get a discount most important.

«By using Bits, which is 100 % free and without commitment, the client has nothing to lose and everything to gain! «concluded Mr. Lecours.

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