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Quebec grants$ 75 Million to decontaminate the soil of Montreal


Justine Montminy

26 March 2018 13:30

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The government of Quebec has granted the City of Montreal a grant of 75 million dollars (M$) so that it can rehabilitate several contaminated sites in its territory by 2022.

The announcement stems from the Policy of soil protection and rehabilitation of contaminated sites and its action plan 2017-2021, issued by the ministry of the Environment of Quebec. It revolves around two major issues, namely the protection of the environment and the revitalization of a sustainable territory.

Several property and casualty insurers in quebec have to handle this issue of processing of soils in the coverage of certain losses related to the environment.

At the time of publication, the office of the minister of municipal Affairs and land Occupancy, minister of public Safety and minister responsible for the Montreal region had not returned requests for information of the insurance Journal.


«The State and the municipalities of Quebec, as all the owners, must be exemplary when it comes to rehabilitating their land contaminated. With the financial assistance granted to the City of Montreal, we take today an important step towards a greater commitment to rehabilitate land on the territory of the city, to promote their revitalization. This will benefit the environment, but also to all the Montreal and for all Montrealers, » said the minister of sustainable Development, the Environment and the Fight against climate change of Québec, Isabelle Melançon.

«Because of the history of industrial Montreal, the issues related to contaminated sites are, in particular, due to the number of contaminated properties and their concentration in certain neighbourhoods of the metropolis,» added the minister of municipal Affairs and land Occupancy, minister of public Safety and minister responsible for the Montréal region, Martin Coiteux.

Soil policy

The action plan of the Policy of soil protection and contaminated land rehabilitation provides, among others, the investment of$ 120 Million in rehabilitation work of contaminated land belonging to the State, the milking of 80 % of the contaminated soils excavated so that they may be valued by the result, the decontamination of 200 residential properties contaminated with Oil and the decontamination of 100 land of service stations belonging to small owners.

A little earlier this month, the government had granted a financial support of$ 2.1 Million for the testing of green technologies and innovative for the decontamination of soils and groundwater. To do that, he had launched the program InnovEnSol, which will be in effect until 2020. The program will promote the implementation and use of green technologies for innovative large-scale.

ADDING : «It is too early to know what precise impact that remediation will have on the insurance, because it is not yet known what the terrain will be the subject,» explained Geneviève Jutras, press attaché to the cabinet of the mayor and the executive committee of the City of Montreal, in the interview to the Journal of the insurance.

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