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Read to get a dynamic view in the face of the evolution of the company


Micheline Bourque

March 19, 2018 07:00

Jean-François Béliveau

It is this principle that guides Jean-François Béliveau, executive vice-president, Quebec region at Northbridge Insurance, in its choice of reading. He is the embodiment of a profile of player that we like. He reads books for pleasure of course. But reading also allows him to build the strategic positioning of his company.

Here are five important works to which he refers and which he has agreed to share with the Journal of insurance.

Choose excellence : Why do some companies thrive in an uncertain environment, while others are in decline

Jim Collins and Morten T. Hansen

«In insurance, our challenge is to prepare for what you cannot predict. This book offers insights to be very interesting, such as how to find its minimum threshold of innovation. Innovate to innovate, this is not the way to do it. «

The author, explains Jean-François Béliveau, reminds us that excellence is a choice before being a result. This sequel to the very popular Good to Great déboulonne several myths, in particular around innovation and luck. The book offers concrete strategies to become master of his plan in spite of the chaos. Case studies in support, the examples follow to demonstrate how to achieve excellence coveted.

ADKAR, A Model for Change in Business, Government and Our Community

Jeffrey M. Hiatt

The model ADKAR has the advantage, according to Mr. Béliveau, apply both at the individual level in a company in a context of change management. ADKAR is an acronym that describes the 5 steps to follow for a successful change as awareness, desire, knowledge, ability and reinforcement.

«For a long time, I put a lot of time to explain why it is necessary to change and what will happen if we do not change. Now I understand that it is necessary to follow the steps and do not talk about entitled if subsequent steps have not been carried out. I need to wear should also pay particular attention to the notion of the desire to change. The success of the approach is related to this sequence of steps. «

«Wanting to change, it is personal to each individual. This may depend on our ability, our personal or family situation, our aspirations. Now, I make sure that my teams really want the change. «

Leading Change

John Kotter

The eight steps to lead the change Leading Change are part of the arsenal of Mr. Béliveau. «Insurance is an environment in perpetual change. Kotter proposes an approach to manage change and, more importantly, a way to get to the anchor in the corporate culture.

For that, he has provided me a tool that I use a lot is to work to maintain the sense of urgency. If one loses the sense of urgency, we lose our strategic capacity and this is not little. «


Several authors

The book Strategic is part of the library of Mr. Béliveau for several years. It is used as a reference tool and also when he wants to challenge his teams. According to him, it is very important that all understand what is strategy and what is strategic.

«This book, which is now in its 11th edition, allows me to clarify everything related to the strategy. It defines the concepts, notions, ideas that relate to the strategy, everything. A strategy is the long-term direction of the organization. It is very important to understand that if you have the same strategy as your competitors, you don’t have a strategy. «

Homo Deus – A brief history of the future

Yuval Noah Harari

HomoDeus result of Sapiens, who has also been a great success. For Mr. Béliveau, this work has led to awareness of an important.

«The number of deaths due to diabetes has been far greater than the victims of violence. As well, sugar has become more dangerous than gunpowder. It is necessary to take account of these realities, » he says.

Mr. Béliveau also like a lot everything related to the knowledge economy. «I was struck by the realisation that knowledge is a resource in perpetual growth, and that the more you use, the more you have. Free access to this information and how it is used is a fundamental characteristic of the society, which is at our doors. This is what the author calls the “data-ism”. This is fascinating. «

To conclude, in the era of artificial intelligence which is part of our language more current, data-ism carries far more discussion, a discussion that speaks to Mr. Beliveau in his need to be able to relate to the world in which we live and its evolution.

Micheline Bourque is the president and founder of the reading Club business. Its mission : to contribute to the development of business leaders, business people and professionals through activities and discussions around the book business in a perspective of discovery and learning.

Alternately, each month in the Journal of the insurance, it presents the conclusions of a book that a manager can apply in his daily life and the reading suggestions of a leader in the world of insurance.

The Club’s vision is to build a hub focused on learning and exchange around the reading business. At the dawn of its fourth year of existence, the membership of the Club continues to grow, both in Quebec and in France. Nearly 150 authors and many books have been enhanced through web-based platforms and the activities of the Club. Thanks to the contribution of many collaborators and the support of its partners, the Club is expected to a year 2018 # «wondrous».

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