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Rona Ambrose was appointed to the board of directors of Manulife



August 10, 2017 09:45

Rona Ambrose

Rona Ambrose was recently appointed to the board of directors of Manulife. She joined the remuneration committee and staffing framework and the risk management committee. His appointment comes into effect on the 1st of September.

Ms. Ambrose has already been leader of the official opposition in the House of commons and leader of the conservative Party of Canada. As a key member of the federal Cabinet for a dozen years, she has served as a minister in the nine departments of the canadian government. She has held the positions of vice-president of the Treasury Board and the chair of the Cabinet committee on public safety, justice, and indigenous issues. Ms. Ambrose was also minister responsible for the status of women. She is internationally recognized as a spokesperson passionate about the rights of women and girls.

«A positive and lasting impact»

«Ms. Ambrose has earned a solid reputation as a leader and extensive experience within the senior management of the canadian government. She will bring new ideas and points of view important to our board of directors, said Richard DeWolfe, chairman of the board of directors of Manulife. We are delighted to welcome him to Manulife, and we are confident that it will have a positive and lasting impact on the board of directors and the society in general «.

In addition to its role as an independent director, Ms. Ambrose has the title of Global Fellow at the Canada Institute Advisory Board of the Wilson Center, in Washington, D. C., which focuses on the trade between Canada and the United States, and competition issues at the north american level. She is also a member of the advisory committee of thecanadian Institute of world affairs.

Note that with the arrival of Ms. Ambrose, Manulife now has 40 % of women in the positions of independent directors of the company.

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