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Rule of 20 % : the government received more than 960 submissions, letters and comments


Hubert Roy

July 18, 2017 10:40

The ministry of Finance of Quebec has made public the submissions in the context of its consultation on the rule of 20 %, which limits shareholdings of an insurer may hold in a brokerage firm. A calculation carried out by the Journal of insurance shows that the consultation has generated more than 960 submissions, letters and comments.

Of this number, a large number, however, comes from theAlliance for a brokerage stronger. Several employees have sent letters of support to the proposal of the Covenant, that is, about 875 in total. Firms such as turquoise, PMT Roy and Univesta insurance , respectively, have provided 132, 138, and 157 comments in the context of the consultation, almost half of the comments received in total.

Fifteen insurers have also filed briefs, including some insurers, such as The Capital, the Mouvement Desjardinsand Industrial Alliance. The Corporation of the insurers direct de dommages du Québec (CADD) has also filed a brief.

In addition to the comments of employees of firms that have joined the Alliance for a brokerage stronger, the government received 53 submissions and 35 letters, 88 separate proposals. You can view the submissions, letters and comments by clicking here.

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