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Software association supplier advisory council is working to secure the loyalty of the customer to the broker


Hubert Roy

5 February 2018 07:00

David Larkin

Software association supplier advisory council multiplies the small-scale developments over the last few months. Its CEO David Larkin displays his goal : to attach the client to the broker for not giving him the taste to go elsewhere.

Association supplier advisory council has deepened the integration of its modules, Through Select+ mobile telephony. The integration of scanned documents in real-time to the system is another recent development. The brokers can have access to a multitude of information and documents wherever they are, including in front of the customer.

The response of the brokers association supplier advisory council is favourable, » said Mr. Larkin. He gives the example of the deposit in real-time with scanned documents, which was much more popular than he thought. To the point where the company had to change server to meet the demand.

Module areas of the customers is also the object of constant improvements. A light version of the system of management of firm has also been developed for sellers on the road. Its system allows you to add brokers issuers. Other development : adding a feature that allows the broker to collect himself the payment of his or her client, rather than using the modules of an insurer or a finance company, premiums.

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