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State of emergency extended in British Columbia



August 21, 2017 09:45

(Photo : Government of British Columbia)

The state of emergency has been officially extended until September 1st in British Columbia, because of the many forest fires that were rampant in the province for more than a month. After the 19 July and 4 August, so this is the third time that the state of emergency is renewed.

The state of emergency declaration will continue to apply to the whole of the province. Resources federal, provincial and local will continue to be mobilised in the framework of a coordinated response to ensure public safety, which remains the main priority of the provincial government.

In addition, the province remains committed to providing direct financial support and continuous evacuees, with a funding of $ 600 per household, and renewable every 14 days until the evacuees back to their home. Eligible small businesses affected by the fires may also receive an emergency grant of $ 1,500 through the canadian Red Cross and the province.

Dated as of August 18, 20117, there were still 138 forest fires are still active in British Columbia, 27 evacuation orders affecting about 4 400 persons, and more than 40 alerts, evacuation affecting about 20 700 people.

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