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Stephen Frank at the head of the CLHIA



4 July 2017 11:30

Stephen Frank

Stephen Frank has been appointed to the position of president and chief executive officer of thecanadian Association of insurance companies of persons (CLHIA), has announced Paul Mahon, president of the Board of directors of the association. He took office on the 1st of July.

Mr. Frank joined the CLHIA in march 2010. Until recently, he was senior vice-president, policy, responsible for the defence of the broad interests of the industry in the field of distribution, insurance, illness and disability, and the fight against fraud, and, more generally, of the development and analysis of policies, including risk selection. He also serves on the Board of directors of the canadian Society of drug pooling.

«An era of profound changes»

«The canadian insurance industry people in an era of profound change, notably in relation to public interest policies, such as those relating to the practices of the industry in terms of the distribution and communication of information, and the cost of prescription drugs, as we strive to make it down for all Canadians,» added Mr. Frank. We will continue to emphasize the interests of our customers, and I look forward to the prospect of working with governments and other stakeholders in the development of solutions to these important issues. «

Before joining CLHIA, Mr. Frank was employed in a large bank of high-level positions in the area of global operations and financial strategy. He had previously served as an economist in the policy Branch of the financial sector of the ministry of Finance, in Ottawa. He holds a master’s degree in finance from the university of Cambridge and an honours degree in economics from Queen’s university s.

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