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Sun Life reorganized its senior management



December 15, 2017 13:30

Kevin Dougherty, Jacques Goulet, and Jordy Chilcott

Dean Connor, president and chief executive officer of Sun Life Financial, has conducted several reorganizations of the directorate. Kevin Dougherty, current president of the Sun Life Financial Canada, will become executive vice president, innovation and partnerships. This is a new position created to accelerate the growth based on innovation. He will be responsible for the health solutions digital, the laboratory of research in insurance and reinsurance activities, in particular.

This is Jacques Goulet held the position of president of Sun Life Financial Canada. Mr. Goulet worked previously at Mercer as president from the areas of health and assets. He will be responsible for the divisions of group benefits and group retirement services, in addition to the sectors of wealth management, insurance and management of investments of the individual.

In addition, Jordy Chilcott joins Sun Life global Investments as the new chief of the distribution of investments. Mr. Chilcott counts thirty years of experience in the industry. Prior to joining Sun Life, he was a senior vice president of asset management at global scale for the Scotiabank, and president and CEO of Dynamic Funds. He will be responsible for the development and strategic growth of the sales team and the management of relationships with third party partners.

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