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Sun Life wants to modernize the process of identifying customers



February 8, 2018 09:45

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Sun Life financial has formed a partnership with the technology company SecureKey in order to modernise the process of identification of its clients, and transmission of digital information. Using the product of SecureKey VérifiezMoi, which uses the technology chain of blocks (blockchain), the clients of Sun Life will be able to transmit information on their identity more securely through other providers, such as banks, telecommunications companies and government services.

Sun Life indicates that this partnership will result in the establishment of a simplified process and instant verification of identity for new customers, will allow for quick changes and easy information with the sharing of verified data on the clients and a practical, efficient and safe passing of information. The technology will be available to customers in the coming months.

Digital experience simplified

Sun Life argues that this initiative is in line with the willingness of the insurer to advance its digital strategy and to develop collaborations focused on innovation.

«Thanks to this new step in our journey to digital, we will soon be able to facilitate the arrival of new clients in using the tools of SecureKey based on the consent and the security of the channels of the blocks to complete instantly their personal information,» stresses Mark Saunders, general vice president and first director of information services of Sun Life.

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