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Sun Life will offer telemedicine to its customers


Alain Thériault

12 March 2018, 11:30

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Sun Life of Canada, life insurance company will offer customers a doctor, virtual-on-demand, using the services of access to health care services provided by the mobile applications ofEQ CareofAkira and Maple.

The insurer provides these services from virtual care across Canada. «Imagine that you are home and that your two children are sick ; the idea of going to wait in a clinic to see a doctor pleases you not at all. There is now a solution at hand «, demonstrates Sun Life in its press release.

Access to a health care professional

The insurer adds that its customers will be able to talk to each other a doctor, a nurse or a mental health professional » in the comfort of their homes «. The virtual tour can be done by phone, through a live video or text messages.

The offer of Sun Life could evolve, since it says its network of care recommendations virtual include «initially» three innovative companies chosen for the offer. Akira, EQ Care, and Maple offer health care services on-line, including virtual visits with health professionals and the issuance of orders.

They offer hours often in the evening and during the weekends. The clients of Sun Life can access this network of recommendations-care virtual from the mobile application, my Sun Life.

Collective and individual

The service will be offered at good prices to individual clients and group plan members, says Sun Life. «Whether you’re in bed fighting a virus, or at the office in the middle of a very busy day, it can be difficult to find a time to schedule an appointment at the doctor,» says Dave Jones, senior vice-president, group benefits, Sun Life Financial Canada. The network of care recommendations virtual help people get care in a timely and reliable, to save time and to concentrate on the essential. «

Competition is intensifying in telemedicine

The announcement of Sun Life occurs shortly after that of SSQ Insurance, which voted for as a provider of the application of telemedicine to the participants of the groups in the insurance collective. Under these services, the participants can consult by video conference of general practitioners. They can also chat with the nurses, to issue and renew prescriptions, and to refer to specialists. The services are offered across Canada, in French and in English.

Contacted by the Journal of insurance, CEO ofEquinoxe LifeCare, Daniel Martz, the provider of the application EQ (Care), has indicated that the services are available in both languages. EQ Care was tested in a pilot project last year by Sun Life, said Mr. Martz. Active since 2014 in telemedicine, it is currently said to be in discussion with other insurers to assert the expertise of the EQ Care. «Since 2014, our application has helped more than 120 000 consultations «, he illustrated Mr. Martz.

He said he was also happy to land his first contract with an insurer that will provide its application to clients, both in the collective than the individual. EQ Care provides access to nurse practitioners, who can then redirect the user to family physicians and specialists. They will be able to consult in a secure manner, by computer, tablet or smart phone.

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