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The Alliance for a stronger brokerage fort reaches the milestone of 80 members


Hubert Roy

June 16, 2017 11:30

Michel Duval and David Morin | Photo : Réjean Meloche

The Alliance for a stronger brokerage fort had 84 members as of the date of Friday 16 June. And clustering, which aims to ensure that the rule of the 20 % shareholding that an insurer can have in a brokerage firm may be abolished, plans to recruit other firms within it.

The Alliance has published a press release on Thursday in the late afternoon in which it » throws an ultimate call to action on the brokers who have at heart the survival of their industry «. She also indicates that it » intends to redouble its efforts over the next few days «, whereas the consultation of the ministry of finance on the rule of 20 % is due to conclude on 23 June.

A weight of 2 G$

The Alliance also reveals that it is now more than 2 700 jobs and approximately $ 2 billion (G$) volume of premiums, almost 40 % of the$ 5 billion of premiums that the broker subscribed in Quebec. To note that the 13 founding members of the Alliance alone 1,315 billion and$ 1 900 employees.

«These results exceed our expectations. We are sure to be able to rally even more of brokers here on the 23rd of June. The brokers saw their market share erode in favor of direct, non-would never be able to access the tools they need to take it back. It is that which motivates them to express themselves in such large numbers, » said David Morin, president at Courtika Insurance, one of the founding members of the Alliance.

«Our initiative bothers people»

In its press release, the Alliance has also wished to reply to the remarks of those who oppose the abolition of the rule of 20 %. The broker, Robert Bournival has met the Journal of the insurance in this sense. Insurers have also taken a position against its abolition.

«We see that our initiative bothers people who claim to be our property, but who want to truly weaken the brokerage. If the disclosure is clear and adequate has allowed for advances in our industry outside of Quebec, why would we be unable to do so here? How can one object to provide an additional choice for entrepreneurs? Who really believes for one moment that an environment free of limitation would reduce the value of firms? We want to maintain and even increase the value of our firms, we fight with equal weapons against the insurers through our brokers. All insurers who want to invest and who believe in a network of brokering stronger will find their account in what it offers, » commented Michel Duval, president, ESSOR Insurance., the weekly Web Journal of insurance, will publish a text on the rule of 20 % in its Monday issue.


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