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The BAC wants to raise consumer awareness about the damage caused by water



22 January 2018 11:30

While 50 % of the total cost of claims paid by insurers in Quebec each year is due to damage related to water, the insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) is launching an interactive tool to inform citizens of what is covered or not covered by their home insurance policy. The agency says these costs will increase over the next few years.

«With this new tool, consumers will have a better understanding of what is covered and what is not, and they will be able to make the tour of the protections available on the market. We hope that the passage, this will encourage them to take action to better protect their residence and avoid the inconvenience related to water damage «, stresses Line Crevier, supervisor of technical affairs and the information Centre of the insurance, to the TRAY.

Some avoidable damage

The BAC also makes recommendations to prevent some of the avoidable damage, by changing its water heater for ten years, checking and changing the pipes from the washer and the dishwasher, and avoid leaving the residence when the washer and dishwasher are running. Also, the BAC suggested that the heating in the winter and clear the snow and ice from all windows and gutters.

Otherwise, the damage due to water may be caused by climate change, aging infrastructure, poor maintenance of buildings or domestic accidents, reports the TRAY.

The agency reminds that the damage caused by the water on the cars are generally covered by the auto insurance policy, if the consumer has chosen a «protection» Accident without collision » or » all risks «.

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