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the BMS prioritize Connectivity and customer relations


Andrea Lubeck

14 July 2017 07:00

Philippe Joassin

What innovations, business management software brokerage firm (BMS) reserve for their tools ? The connectivity and relations of brokers with their clients are at the heart of what they develop in that time.

Applied Systems intends to increase the connectivity and communication, both with customers and with insurers. With the first, Philippe Joassin, vice-president of sales, says they want to adapt to new methods of communication that clients use. The company is working on the integration of text messages to the BMS.

«Brokers and clients are already communicating this way. To keep track of exchanges, broker-dealers must take a screenshot of their phone staff and drop it in the folder. We want them to be able to send, receive and archive sms messages from the BMS, » explains Mr. Joassin. It adds that Applied plans to do the same thing for the discussions on the social networks.

At Software association supplier advisory council, the next innovation that promises customers a more direct access to their broker. «Currently, brokers can chat online between them. We are working to expand this option and integrate it in the website of dealers so that customers can communicate with them directly, » emphasizes David Larkin, president of the company.

For Stéphane Lacasse, vice-president, product management and pricing at Applied, increase the connectivity with insurers is a work in progress. «In order to always meet the broker, we want to facilitate the more possible the exchange between the portals of the insurers and our software. «

Ultimately, the goal is to transpose all this technology to the commercial sector. «Brokers who deal with businesses notice that improvements can be made, to ultimately be at the same level of development as the software for the personal sector. «

On this subject, Luc Corbeil, director of information technology at Groupe Ultima, a banner in damage insurance who has designed their own BMS for the benefit of its members and decided to market it to law firms and non-members, includes the system of any one provider to meet the needs of the brokers, who work with businesses.

Technology Keal is working to develop improvements to the aspect customer relationship management (CRM) software. «We want to integrate a management option campaigns markétings made from the data bases of clients,» reveals Laurent Nadeau, president. The latter also wants to develop a feature to allow the customers to make the purchase of car insurance policies and residential directly to the portal of the broker, and to improve the way with which it can manage its fonts.

«Several disruptive will arrive and will be confusing to brokers, in an industry that undergoes changes. Therefore, it is important for us to position itself to meet needs that are not necessarily accurate. We are trying to find a working way to get head in the direction of the needs that the brokers will in the future, » added Mr. Corbeil.

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