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The brokerage must gain in effectiveness, agree to the insurers


Alain Castonguay

January 10, 2018 07:00

Mayssa Rifai, Louise Leroux, Jean-François Desautels and Jean-François Béliveau | Photo : Alain Castonguay

A point was made unanimously at the panel of officers of insurers, held at the congress of the Regroupement des cabinets de courtage d’assurance du Québec (RCCAQ) : the brokerage must take advantage of new technologies.

According to Jean-François Desautels, senior vice-president, Québec, Intact Insurance, client behavior has changed. «The client is in a hurry. He will not accept a process that seems painful by dealing with a broker. This is the reality. We need to offer the same quality of service that the customer is accustomed to have «with other providers of services,» he said.

During the renewal, the broker shows much better results than the insurers because it was able to establish a relationship with its customers. As long as it will continue to maintain this advantage, the Intact promises to offer the same technology used by the competitors «regardless of the volume of business it brings,» added Mr. Desautels.

Jean-François Béliveau, executive vice-president, Quebec to Northbridge Insurance, believes that technological change is the main engine of change in customer behaviour. Consumers will remain loyal to the brand of the broker if the promise of better service a reality. The insurance is much more than a product of convenience. We must not sell it on the sole basis of the award, » he said.

Mario Cusson, president and chief operating officer of The Sole general Insurance, has a different point of view on the issue. «We are here to help the broker sell our products. Each broker has its strategy and ways of doing things. It can use the Web or word-of-mouth, whatever. We need to adapt our systems to better serve, because it is he who is in front. «

According to Mr. Cusson, the role of the insurer is to provide the best tools for the broker and to deliver on its promises when there is a claim. If it succeeds to do this, the broker will feel all the more comfortable to offer the insurer’s products to its customers, » he said.

The new technologies have an impact on all manufacturers, acknowledges Martin-Éric Tremblay, vice-president ofAviva Canada, Quebec, and Atlantic. The profession of a broker-dealer must stay, he says. «We must follow the evolution of the market. We must not transform the role of the broker. It has its place. «The broker plays a large role in loss prevention, he adds.

Insurers say they also invest in the technology. This is the case ofEconomical Insurance. Mayssa Rifai, its vice-president for Quebec, promises changes for the summer of 2018.

Same thing with RSA Canada. Louise Leroux, vice-president, personal insurance, in Quebec, said his company will offer new products in the insurance business in 2017, and then in individual insurance in 2018.

Innovation is not always sufficient, said Jean-François Desautels. «Distribution is a huge challenge, and the best ideas will come to nothing if the company cannot deliver the product to the customer. It is for this reason that Intact is conducting a strategic reflection with its brokerage network. The goal is to find win-win solution for the insurer, the broker and the customer. «

Jean-François Béliveau, executive vice-president, Quebec to Northbridge Insurance, take the example of the trucking cites the example of an insured carrier in Northbridge. In this segment is highly regulated, the quality of service of the broker is a true performance tool for customer-provided, » he said.

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