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The case of Samuel Archibald : the House expressed its concerns


Hubert Roy

22 February 2018 13:30

The Chamber of financial security has listed some concerns in the wake of the media coverage of the case of Samuel Archibald. In a publication became viral on social networks, Samuel Archibald, author and professor at theUniversité du Québec à Montréal (UQAM), said to have been denied his disability benefits after the Desjardins group has got wind of certain professional activities that would be held during his / her leave, then he was tending to a depression.

By focusing on the topicality of the last days, the House is said to perceive that Mr. Archibald did not seem to be the only person to have undergone such a treatment. «His situation is not only sad in itself, but the number of cases where people are experiencing the same difficulties makes it disturbing. At the very least, this situation demonstrates the complexity of the field of insurance, and the importance of not letting the consumers themselves, » said Julie Chevrette, communications director of the Chamber, in the Journal of the insurance.

A taste of bill 141

The Chamber also wondered if the position of Mr Archibald could be a taste of the stories that will grow if the bill 141 was adopted. For example, in terms of complaint handling, the consumer, the injured will have to apply directly to the insurer or the firm with which it has a dispute, » said Ms. Doe.

«If there is deadlock, the dissatisfied consumer may request the firm or the financial institution to forward the complaint to thefinancial markets Authority for review, or mediation, at the expense of the parties. It is appropriate to ask whether the relation of forces is adequate : the consumer will he make the weight ? «

The case of the sale by Internet

The other item of concern to the Chamber, the bill provides that the council is no longer exclusive to the advisors. The organization wonders what will happen when consumers purchase products on the Internet without the intervention of a duly certified and accountable is required.

«Often, these are the advisors who support their clients during difficult situations because they have an ethical obligation to see to the best interests of their clients. We regret that the draft law 141 weaken significantly the consumer protection in the insurance sector «, said Ms. Doe.

Bill 141 : the second reading begins

In addition, the reading article-by-article of the draft law 141, called the second reading of a bill in the jargon of parliamentary, began on 20 February, while the Committee on public finance has undertaken the study. A second session took place the next day and others will follow, said the Commission.

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