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The CCIR recommends the approval of the electronic proof of auto insurance


Justine Montminy

February 7, 2018 11:30

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The canadian Council of regulators of insurance (CCIR) recommends that allow electronic proof of auto insurance (PEAA) in Canada, in addition to proof of insurance which is usual in paper format.

The CCIR is said to have consulted with sector stakeholders, such as officials of transport, police, industry associations, insurers, and commissions to the protection of privacy in order to take into account the possible consequences of such a project.


Even if the discussion paper on the draft electronic proof of automobile insurance, published in may 2016, concluded that the provincial regulation of insurance had the legal authority to authorize the issuance of the PEAA, the CCIR recognizes that some provinces have not yet solved all the problems related to the consequences of the PEAA, particularly regarding the protection of privacy and responsibility.

«We encourage the regulatory bodies of those jurisdictions to collaborate with their respective partners to resolve operational issues in order to implement the PEAA,» said Patrick Déry, president of the CCIR.

The reluctance of the police

Sources who have requested anonymity have been entrusted to the Journal of insurance that some police forces, especially in Quebec, had expressed some reluctance in the face of the project. However, this should not prevent its implementation, they added.

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