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The Chamber welcomes the adoption of the draft law reforming the Code of professions



26 June 2017 13:30

Maya Raic | Photo : Réjean Meloche

In an editorial published on its website, the Chamber of damage insurance welcomes the recent adoption by the national Assembly of bill no. 98, an Act to amend various laws, primarily concerning the admission to the professions and the governance of the professional system (PL-98). Through the voice of its president and ceo, Maya Raic, ChAD is looking forward to the path that has chosen to borrow the minister Stéphanie Vallée to strengthen the professionalism in Québec and confirm its importance for the protection of the public.

«By updating the Code of professions, the government recognizes the importance of professional orders and the need to give them the means to fulfil their mission, is the protection of the public,» says and Mrs. Raic). The professionals in québec must rejoice that such measures are put in place because they promote the confidence of the public in their regard. «

Make mandatory training in ethics and deontology

First step of the reform of the professional Code, the PL-98 was filed in the spring of 2016 with, among other objectives, to make compulsory training in ethics and professional conduct for all applicants for occupation orders, to rethink the governance of the orders and that of the board of directors of theOffice des professions du Québec (OPQ).

According to Maya Raic, ChAD shares with them the mission of protecting the public and is also subject to a part of the Code of professions. Having already adopted several of the measures proposed in the bill, the ChAD has filed a brief and testified of his experience in parliamentary committee at the end of the summer of 2016.

Recommendations convergent

In its grind, adopted unanimously on 6 June last, the PL-98 joined the recommendations issued by the ChAD. In addition to making mandatory a mandatory training in ethics and professional conduct for all applicants for the profession of the orders, the adoption of PL-98 reinforces the powers of the trustees of the latter, allowing them now to ask quickly the limitation of the professional practice of an individual if the latter is prosecuted for offences punishable by five years imprisonment or more.

In addition, the members of the C. A. orders will be required to attend training on the role and responsibilities of a director of a professional order, as well as on good governance and they will also have to adhere to a code of ethics and professional conduct. Practices already in place in ChAD for several years.

Strengthen the protection of the public

Ms Raic believes that this approach will strengthen the public’s confidence in the professional system in quebec. In damage insurance and claims adjustment, in fact, there is an informational imbalance important that can cause harm to consumers. Thus, like members of professional orders and professionals in the property and casualty insurance are certified and supervised by a self-regulatory organization of which the mechanisms are quite similar to those of orders.

The president and ceo of the Chamber concerned, however, about the possible disappearance of the organization responsible for this mission, damage insurance, or the ChAD. It stresses the need to modernise certain points, such as the supervision of the distribution of insurance via the Internet, the revision of the laws of the financial sector must rest on a solid foundation and proven. And wondered «why the professionals of the insurance of damages would not be eligible for a specialized body that oversees the coaching ethics and the protection of the public» ?

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