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The client space : the cornerstone of the law firm of tomorrow, according to Technology Keal


Hubert Roy

5 February 2018 07:00

Laurent Nadeau | Photo : Réjean Meloche

Technology Keal bet big on its client area, which will be marketed in 2018 under the name of My Broker Home. The company is working to find him a French name.

Laurent Nadeau says that the client area is a tool that brokers need quickly. The Keal amalgamate three things : the manager of customer relations (better known under its English acronym CRM), process management and reporting.

The tool will also allow to probe in real-time. Keal also provides for the development of a smart phone application. It will be developed for the iPhone d’Apple first and then for Android phones, system of Google.

Mr. Nadeau adds that the client area will provide a pricing of several insurers. It also gives reference to the Project Guidewire, the umbrella organisation for the Centre for the study of the practice of insurance operations (CSIO).

This project aims to accelerate the connectivity of the brokers, the insurers, the less those who use the technological platform of Guidewire. It will allow for the creation of standards in XML that will allow brokers to bid, to issue and synchronize insurance contracts with those insurers in real time.

Keal participates in the development of the project with another system of practice management, CSI. Insurers contribute too : Aviva Canada, Economical Insurance, Red River Mutual , and Wawanesa.

Mr. Nadeau points out that banks have already gone this turn, with the success that we know. «A broker must have a web portal that gives access to the customer information. «

He adds that the brokers must also prepare for the coming of artificial intelligence. «Players like Uber and Google will become in the insurance. When they will decide to do that, because they are able to do so, it will be difficult for brokers to deal with. This is why we are developing a turnkey solution, at a cost reasonable to support them in this battle. «

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